I’ll guide you through a 5-minute visualisation that will take you down into the depths of your belly to uncover your true passion, and help you to determine the best action to take to get you on track towards your goals.

Subscribe to the Meditation Magic Podcast to enjoy a variety of guided meditations, mindfulness techniques, and self-healing practices. Each episode features a practice of varying duration, with a different theme or goal. Naomi Goodlet has 12+ years experience as a healer, coach and meditation teacher. She has seen countless lives positively transformed through meditation and spiritual practice, with her tracks being listened to hundreds of thousands of times. Her aim for the Meditation Magic Podcast is for you to have access to empowering resources for free so that you may heal, grow, relax, and find connection and joy in every moment. Naomi’s meditations have been crowdfunded since 2016, and she is a passionate believer in supporting creators directly, and therefore, the Meditation Magic Podcast will always be completely free from advertising. The Meditation Magic Podcast is non-religious, and it is recommended that you listen with your eyes closed, without undertaking any other activity.

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